Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Dad's wbc count went up today.  That's good news.  The medicine given to him yesterday worked.  He was given those shots again twice today.  His appetite was also quite good.  Thank God!  Oh by the way, My brother is flying in from Singapore tomorrow to visit dad.  

On a different note, Loren and her family left Fuda late this afternoon.  Dad was very emotional.  They were the closest to us here.  When we were newbies, they were the ones who helped us around. We will miss them a lot.  Now, we feel alone in this hospital.  Most of our new-found-friends went home already.  


Our bill today: ¥832.95 ($128.12 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥119,882.69 ($18,440.36 )

Day 23: Farewells....

Monday, May 30, 2011
Today, the doctors checked Dad's wbc and rbc. They saw that his white blood cell count was low. If his wbc count doesn't normalize by the 3rd of June, the doctors will have to reschedule the chemo session because Dad will be too weak. To improve his wbc count, the doctors injected some medicine into his bloodstream.

One thing that aggravated Dad's situation was his appetite, or lack of it. Sometimes, he eats well; sometimes, he doesn't. With his next chemo session just a few days away, Dad's appetite has to improve; he has to build up his resistance.

Today, many of our new-found friends went home to the Philippines. Can you imagine that? Our friends from rooms 603, 607, and 618 went home at the same time!

Standing (L-R): Rolly and Linda (Rm 603); Raquel (Rm 618); Glecie, Erwin and Doc Ven (Rm 607); nurse Sheena and Gina
Seated (L-R): Segundo (Filipino Nurse) and Dr. Evangelista (Rm 603)

When they left, Dad was teary-eyed. In the few days that we got to know each other, we did become close-knit group. Adversity does have a way of binding people together.

Tomorrow, the doctors will check Dad's wbc again. I pray that his wbc count will have improved by then.

Our bill today: ¥330.95 ($50.89 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥119,049.74 ($18,306.28 )

Running from God

Hi standers! It's Monday once again. Here's another devotional written by Ben from Texas. Stay encouraged!


Think about it. Running from God! Strange as it sounds, many people try to run from God. We can run away from our homes, run away from our friends, run from an accident, run away from the army or even from a murder or robbery, but run away from God? There are so many scenarios dealing with running, both physical and emotional. But run away from God? God, our Creator; God, our Heavenly Father; God, our Provider; God, our best friend.

God knows all and sees all. Where can we hide? Andy Stanley, in a recent message, made this statement: "You can run from God but you cannot outrun God!" Who do we think we are fooling as we turn our backs on God and our spouse and walk/run away from our marriages? Didn’t we promise before God and our spouse to be faithful to our covenant vows until parted by death? Yet now that sacred vow is broken, that covenant spoken before God on our wedding day. God does not violate this covenant; our spouse does! And so as they break covenant, leaving the marriage, they are running from God and you and I. Little do they realize that in the heat of the moment, they cannot outrun God.

When we look to Scripture, the most famous runner was Jonah. He was a prophet who ministered from 800-750 B.C. in the northern kingdom of Israel.

"The Lord gave this message to Jonah son of Amittai: “Get up and go to the great city of Nineveh. Announce my judgment against it because I have seen how wicked its people are.” But Jonah got up and went in the opposite direction to get away from the Lord. He went down to the port of Joppa, where he found a ship leaving for Tarshish. He bought a ticket and went on board, hoping to escape from the Lord by sailing to Tarshish."  Jonah 1:1-3 (NLT)
Notice the wording..."But Jonah...went in the opposite direction to get away from the Lord...hoping to escape from the Lord..." Jonah was obviously not thinking straight, thinking that he could outrun God. After all, in that day and time, Tarshish and Nineveh were basically at the opposite ends of the known world. Perhaps he could get lost in that far away city, dropping out of sight. But remember what is stated can run from God but you cannot outrun God. In Jonah’s fear of the Ninevites, his thinking was scrambled.

We know the story of the terrible storm at sea that threatened to sink Jonah’s ship. The sailors questioned Jonah...

"This terrified them and they asked, “What have you done?” (They knew he was running away from the LORD, because he had already told them so.) Jonah 1:10 (NIV)
Is this not the same thing that happens when our prodigal spouse runs out on our marriage? Here our prodigal spouse runs not only from you and I, but they are also running from God. While we may not know our prodigal’s whereabouts, God does and they cannot hide from Him.

In the New Testament, the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 tells a slightly different story in that the son wished to go live his life on his own terms. He was running away from his father's control. Circumstances were such that when his situation deteriorated, he returned home to his father. Here the father figure is God, and the prodigal son is mankind.

“When he finally came to his senses, he said to himself, ‘At home even the hired servants have food enough to spare, and here I am dying of hunger! I will go home to my father and say, “Father, I have sinned against both heaven and you...’” “So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him.” Luke 15:17-18, 20 (NLT)
In these two stories we can see our prodigal spouse...running from a relationship, from authority, from a promise...running from God. Yet in the story of the Prodigal Son, we see the redemption that awaits our prodigal spouse as they return home to their covenant vows taken before God and before you and I. And as God offers forgiveness to the prodigal, we likewise must offer forgiveness to our prodigal spouse.

We often hear the stories from returned prodigals of the miserable situations they lived under while "on the run." Remember: "You can run from God but you cannot outrun God." He will find the prodigal and, with love, re-direct them home to their loving, standing spouse.

So I say...stand firm for your covenant marriage vows! God will honor your stand.

Day 22: LOL

Sunday, May 29, 2011
I was busy downloading songs and uploading them to my iPod. I had my earphones on and was listening to "Like a G6" when Dad started calling.  According to Dad, he kept calling me from the bathroom, and when he got out, he stood behind me.  He said he called me more than 20 times.

Finally, I heard him call (that was when the music stopped). He had this funny look on his face, wondering what on earth was going on and why I couldn't hear him.  When I turned around and removed my earphones, he burst out laughing.  We both laughed out loud! Hahaha! =)

Anyway, the doctor said that Dad's next Nano Chemo will be done a day earlier than scheduled.  That will be on June 3 instead of June 4. 

Raquel, Rolly and Glecie will be going back to the Philippines tomorrow.  I really hope to see them again in Manila. 

L-R: Erwin, Glecie, Loren and Doc Ven

Anyhow, I would like to ask for prayers for Loren's dad, Tony.  Please remember him in your prayers.  Thank you.

Our bill today: ¥328.00 ($50.44 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥118,718.79 ($18,255.39 )

TSMSS - One More Time

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm so glad I'm able to post my entry today for TSMSS.  It's not very often that the proxy I'm using here in China works.  But since it is now, I'd like to take advantage of it.  I'm not sure how long this will work, but as long as it does, I will blog hop and leave comments.

I hope this song One More Time will inspire each of you to never give up and keep believing!  Everything's going to be alright.

There always seems to be a door that you can't open
There always seems to be a mountain you can't climb
But you keep on reaching
You just keep on reaching
When your destiny is out there in the distance
But the road ahead's a mine field in disguise
And you keep on moving
You Just keep on moving
You will make it through this
Just give it time
You gotta give it time

This is what you're made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing that the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you
Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try
One more time (time)

You just keep on reaching
You just keep on, you keep on moving (hey)
When the shadows fall on everything you're dreaming
When the promises turn out to be a lie
You just keep believing (yeah)
You just keep believing
Oh, don't stop your dreaming
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright

This is what you're made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing that the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you
Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try

This is what you're made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing that the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you
Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try

It's gonna be alright
One more time
You got to keep on reaching
Keep believing (yeah)

It's gonna be alright (oh, yeah)

For more great music, link up with Amy over at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

Our bill today: ¥283.00 ($43.42 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥118,390.79 ($18,165.88 )

Lost in Guangzhou 2

Friday, May 27, 2011
Yesterday was Dad's last day of CIC infusion.  Thank God!  Dad said his muscles felt weaker now than before, but according to another cancer patient, that's normal because that's one of the side effects of chemotherapy.  Dad's right eye, though, was back to its normal size.  It used to be smaller; droopy to be exact.  I read from an article that having droopy eyes is one of the symptoms of lung cancer.

Anyway, Loren and I had another adventure yesterday.  We went to Nanyang Tumour Hospital at Baiyun District to inquire about their services and compare them with that of Fuda.  We took the subway from Kecun to Baiyun Dadao Bei.  After we got off the subway and while waiting for a cab, we looked around and were astonished how magnificent the view was.  It was beautiful!  

When we reached the hospital, nature was calling, so I hurriedly looked for a rest room. I found one and when I stepped in, my jaw dropped. What the...???!!! I thought these things only existed in the ancient days.

No way!

Later on we went to the White Cloud Mountain Scenic Spot (Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot).  It is famous for its veil-like clouds rising during the late spring and autumn, but didn't see any because it's summer. Ha! We rode the cable car to go to the other side.  The lower station is set up east of Yuntai Garden and the upper station at the Peak Park, a difference of 198 m (650 ft) in altitude and a horizontal distance of 1,672 m (5,486 ft) from each other (Thank you, Wikipedia).

My view from inside the cable car

On our way back to Fuda, we were asking which bus we should take to the subway station.  The people in line couldn't understand us... again!  Worst was they spoke in Cantonese.  If I can't even form a single decent sentence in Mandarin, how can they expect me to speak Cantonese?   I took out a sheet of paper and drew a train. I thought that by pointing to this and sayng "subway", they would understand what we were trying to tell them, but, no... Oh boy!  To cut a long story short we got lost again!  This is getting to be a very nasty habit.

Wait a minute... It looks like a....What the heck did I draw here? Haha!

I was so tired when we got back to Fuda.  Whew!

Anyhow, before calling it a day, I got to chat with Michelle, my blogging buddy, and she informed me that her mother-in-law is also confined at Fuda.  I dropped by to say "hi!" =)

Auntie Evelyn and Auntie Susan Ong Martinez from Rm 706

Over all it was a good day.  Thank you, Lord! 

Our bill yesterday and today: ¥355.30 and ¥407.64, respectively. ($117.56 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥118,107.79 ($18,118.56 )

Day 18: One More CIC to Go

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Loren, Gian and I had dinner last night at Ruikee Hainanese Chicken Rice at Beijing Lu.

I wasn't too happy with the food though... 

Me and Loren

Gian and her grandmother, Pilar Marquez, left Fuda around 7 p.m. this evening for their flight back to Manila. They'll be back on June 13 for another chemo session.

Gian with her Lola Pilar

Dad's condition improved.  He ate a lot today.  Tomorrow is his last day of CIC infusion. Then, we'll just wait for his next Nano Chemo which was scheduled for June 4.  In the meantime, the doctors are focused on treating Dad's allergies. The rashes are still there, but they are not as itchy as they were a few days ago. So far, so good. 

Anyway, some nurses here don't have English names. We remember their faces, but we always forget their names.  So what Dad and I did was give them English names.  We assigned the name Nancy to one and Gina to another.  They both liked their new English names. =)

After doing the laundy, Loren and I went out to buy food for her Dad. Loren was kind enough to include my Dad and I in her shopping list for today. Thanks!

Tonight, while Dad rested and watched TV, I chatted with my friends who sought my advice. I'm very grateful that YM still works. Hehe!

Our bill yesterday and today: ¥1,329.90 and ¥400.30, respectively. ($ 264.96 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥117,344.85 ($18,001.00)

Day 16: Rashes Begone!

Monday, May 23, 2011
The doctors found out what Dad was allergic to. It was the medicine that was supposed to protect Dad’s stomach and prevent him from vomiting. It was administered through the infusion. The doctors gave him oral and topical medicines for his rashes. The rashes have begun to subside according to Dad.

The rashes were all over Dad’s body
Today is the start of Dad’s CIC and it will be until Thursday. Each infusion session lasts for only 30 minutes.

Another patient went back home to the Philippines this evening. Danny has bladder cancer. He was accompanied here by his wife, Luchi. They will be back in July for Danny’s follow up treatment.

L-R Standing: Erwin Tan (from Rm 607), Muriel, Loren (from Rm 601), Linda (from Rm 611)
Sitting: Danny and Luchi (from Rm 603), Gian (from Rm 610) and Rolly (Linda’s husband from Rm 611)
Loren, Gian and I went to the market to buy fruits and veggies. Loren offered to cook a Filipino dish for us. Yum!

On our way home from the market, we saw this cute looking toy dog.

Isn’t he cute?
Later that afternoon, we went out to go see more places and stop by Starbucks before going back to Fuda. We were surprised to see two Starbucks shops closed as early as 11 p.m. We ended up going to KFC instead. Duh! KFC again?!

Haixinsha Citizen Square at Pearl River, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Asian Games were held.
Guangzhou Zero Point
Here’s Loren trying to get a nice shot of the TV Tower


Guangzhou TV Tower

Loren, Gian and I at Guangzhou People’s Park.

Got back to Fuda kinda late. Good night! I’m off to bed.

Our bill today is: ¥532.64 ($81.57)
Total bill as of today: ¥115,614.65 ($17,736.04)

Day 15: Dad's Rashes

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Dad’s new friends are leaving tomorrow early morning to go back to the Philippines.
L-R: Mary Tan, Antonio Tan, Dad and Avito Yu
They will be coming back to Fuda two months from now for a follow up check up. I hope we can have a reunion when we go back home.

I had a foot massage late this afternoon.

After all that walking that I did a couple of days ago, I felt that I really needed one.

I found this place near the hospital, walked right in and asked them if I could get a foot massage and how much it would cost. Luckily enough, they had a menu of services written in English. YES!

After the massage, my feet and back felt a lot better.

One thing that may have compounded the torture that my feet were subjected to is the added weight that they were carrying.  I gained 7 pounds.

By the way, over the past week, Dad developed some rashes. We're not sure what caused them. At first, he ignored them. However, yesterday, the rashes started to itch. He wasn't able to sleep last night. The itch subsided enough for him to sleep only at 5 a.m.

He'll undergo some tests tomorrow to find out what triggered them.

Our bill yesterday and today: ¥283.00 and ¥404.24 respectively. ($ 105.24 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥115,082.01 ($17,654.47)

Paying it Forward

Friday, May 20, 2011
When we were new here at Fuda, we were not just lost in translation. We were actually unaware of how things were done here. We didn’t know where to buy the essentials. Good thing we were assisted by fellow Filipinos who have been going back and forth here at Fuda for the treatment of their loved ones. They were very friendly and very helpful, too. Things would have probably been much harder had I not met them. God is so good because He put me and Dad on the same floor where most Filipinos are.

There’s this one lady from Los Angeles, California, also a Filipina, who came here for breast cancer treatment. Her name is Raquel. She came here all by herself. It was her first time here, just like me and Dad. When Dad gets his infusions, he feels very weak. He could hardly eat. Can you just imagine how hard it is for Raquel when she gets her infusions and she has no one to help her?

Raquel in her room
Yesterday afternoon, I knocked on her door and saw her on bed, very weak. She hadn’t eaten yet. She couldn’t even get up. I felt so sorry for her. I told myself, I had to help her. I fixed her a glass of Ensure milk so she can regain enough strength to get her through to her next infusion. She said I was like an angel sent to her by God.

I told her that when we were new here, God sent help to us. Now it’s time to pay it forward. It felt great to be able to help someone. It feels more rewarding to give than to receive.

Giving God all the glory...

Our bill yesterday and today is: ¥333.80 and ¥334.80 respectively. ($ 102.39 total)
Total bill as of today: ¥114,394.77 ($17,549.23)

Lost in Guangzhou

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Loren and I took Bus 190 to go to Beijing Lu, one of Guangzhou's most famous pedestrian streets. It was once a road regularly used by government officials in ancient China. I wasn’t really interested to shop there. I just wanted to see the place. I was even more interested in seeing historic remnants of the ancient Dynasties.

Streets of Beijing Lu
 In the middle of the road, enclosed in glass, are the relics from the Song and Yuan Dynasties (11th-14th centuries).

Song and Yuan Dynasties
The pedestal of the Southern Song Gate
1127-1279 A.D.
We also saw a water clock.

Bronze Water Dropping Clock (Dated to Yuan Dynasty), 1316 A.D.
There’s also the famous ancient Buddhist Temple, The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. Situated at Liurong Road, this Buddhist Temple was built in 537 in the Liang Dynasty.

The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees
Inside you will find three large Buddhist icons. These are the largest ancient brass structures in Guangdong Province.

L-R: Amitabha, Sakyamuni and Maitreya

In one of the shops around the area, I saw this oyster with pearls in it. It’s my first time to see one even though back in the Philippines we have a lot of these. 

When Loren and I decided to call it a day, we tried walking to where the Bus 190 passes. Unfortunately, we didn’t find where the bus stop was, so we kept walking until we realized we’re lost. We tried asking for directions, but, guess what? Nobody there understood us! We walked more than a kilometer. For someone who isn’t used to walking that long a distance, trust me, it felt like my legs wanted to detached themselves from my body.

I was tired, very tired, but I had fun.

Our bill for today is: ¥858.42 ($131.46)
Total bill as of today: ¥113,726.17 ($17,446.84)

Day 10: Freedom!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
It's Dad's last day of infusion.  Yes, freedom!!!  He walked around 6th floor and met new friends.  One of them was Mr. Teodoro Tan, also a cancer patient from Rm 605.

Dad  with Mr. Teodoro Tan

Nothing much happened today.  Dad's feeling a lot better now that he can move freely.  As you can see, he's been making friends.

On a different note, this is what I eat  for breakfast.  Loren and I bought a lot of yam at the grocery store nearby.


Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day.  

Our bill for today: ¥1,331.11 ($203.79).
Total bill as of today: ¥112,867.75 ($17,315.38)

Day 9: Ohhh... The Pain!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011
Dad was in pain today. Instead of having the chemo infusion pass through the vein in his hand or arm, the doctor decided to put a catheter in his shoulder. He said that it was better to let it pass through there than the vein in his hand because the chemicals in the infusion might cause the vein to lose its elasticity. 

Dr. Chen inserting the catheter

However, when they tried to put a line in his shoulder, the doctors saw a backflow of blood in the tube. Since Dad's tumor was in his chest, they said that the blood pressure in that area was stronger than usual. This was why he bled when they attempted to insert the line in his shoulder.  So, they tried to insert the line in his hand. That didn't work either because the veins they used before on both hands collapsed and were no longer suitable. They finally succeeded in finding a good vein at the side of his wrist.  With all those attempts, it's really no wonder why Dad was in pain.

Tomorrow will be Dad's last infusion. He can then get some rest to regain his strength for his next CNB session scheduled on June 4.

Anyway, this afternoon, I had a very frustrating experience.... again. Imagine this: my Dad asked me to buy him a few things: fried chicken from KFC, and some grapes and bananas. Sounds simple, right? Well, not if you and the one selling it don't speak the same language.  I somehow forgot the way to KFC, so I decided to ask someone for directions.  I approached a friendly-looking lady and asked her, "Do you know where KFC is?"   You know what she did?  She acted as if I wasn't even there! She completely ignored me! Geez!  I didn't know what was going on inside her head, but I knew that my blood pressure was beginning to rise... Arghhhhhh! (Pia, count to ten.... count to ten... good girl.... don't rip her head off. =D)

The frustration was simply agonizing!!! To cut a long story short, we went through the same thing at the market when we're buying fruits...  

It's either they learn English or I learn Mandarin.  Of course, there's plan C...  I just forgot to bring it with me today.  Hehe...

I just checked on Dad a few minutes ago. He's sleeping soundly. I guess the pain's gone.

Our bill for today: ¥1,141.81 ($174.81).
Total bill as of today: ¥111,536.64 ($17,111.59)

Day 8: I'm Bored!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011
My sister went back to the Philippines this morning.  I'm alone here with Dad again.

Today is just infusions of different medicines via IV for Dad.  Two hands!!!  Ouch!  He slept most of the day and just watches CNN when he wakes up.  


We are both bored!!!  Argh!!!

Oh by the way, as of 9 p.m., Dad had allergies with the anti cancer infusion.  Dr. Chen said it won't be given to him anymore.  That'll be the last bag.

Our bill for today: ¥31,157.66  ($4,777.40).
Total bill as of today: ¥110,394.83  ($16,936.78)

Day 7: Dad's First Chemo Session

Saturday, May 14, 2011
The nurses came in the room at 6 a.m. to give Dad a CIC --- Combined Immunotherapy for Cancer.  CIC aims at raising and improving systematic immunological function of cancer patients to fight against cancer.

Then at 8:30 a.m., Dad was taken to the ground floor for his first CNB --- Cancer Nano-Micro-Vascular Blockage.  In this procedure, they use an image guided micro-catheter containing minimal dose of chemical drugs which are then inserted into the tumor. Hence chemotherapy drugs embedded/sealed inside nano particles will not cause damage to other parts of the body and the overall side effects to the body are reduced to the minimum.

Dad on his way to get his first Nano chemotherapy

 Dad after the procedure

Professor Chin examining Dad's thyroid nodules.

Dad's next CNB is after 21 days. That means we have to wait for his next session to finish, complete with infusions, before we can go home.   We need to extend our visas then.  Oh boy!

Our bill for today: ¥51,099.23 ($7,835.04).
Total bill as of today: ¥79,237.17 ($12,159.38)

Day 6: Safari Day

Friday, May 13, 2011
The doctors came to tell us what the biopsy result was.  It came out earlier than we were first told.  That's a good thing so Dad can start treatment ASAP.  It's confirmed.  Dad has Small Cell Lung Cancer.  SCLC is the most aggressive form of lung cancer.

 Dr. Wang checking on Dad

Dr. Chen discussing with Dad the chemotherapy procedure

Tomorrow will be Dad's first day of Nano Chemotherapy and my sister is going back home on Sunday morning so we decided to go to the Safari Park at Changlong before Dad's treatment begins.

With  France and Loren from Rm 601 

Before going to bed, France, Dad and I prayed together.  We thanked God that He is in control.

Our bill for today: ¥665.05 ($101.97).
Total bill as of today: ¥28,137.94 ($4,324.34).

Day 5: Pizza Day

Thursday, May 12, 2011
Dad didn't have treatment today.  Biopsy report will be released on Monday according to Dr. Chen and company. 

My sister and I went out and checked the stores around the hospital.  Good thing we were able to find a store where we can buy cheap, but good food.  Later that day, Loren from Rm 601, came over to say hi.  Then we (Loren, my sister and I) decided to go to a nearby mall, which was in a densely populated area, and had dinner at Pizza Hut.  Ahhh... It's  nice to get a taste of civilization again.  Hehe... 

When we ordered our food, we spoke to the waitress in halting English. Just to make sure that she understood us, we used what we tried to pass of as sign language.  She got the food part of our order right, but when it came to our drinks, it took a bit more effort.   All we wanted was honey to make our tea sweeter, since it was quite bland.  But she didn't understand what we're trying to tell her, so we changed it to sugar.  First, she brought salt.  Then she brought parmesan cheese!

Parmesan cheese with iced tea?


Finally, she came back with two sachets of sugar. Yes! We thanked her and happily enjoyed our meal.

Thai style curried meat wrapped in pastry sheet.  ¥12

Anyway, today was a pretty good day.  Thank you, Lord!

Our bill for today: ¥1,251.05 ($191.80).
Total bill as of today: ¥27,472.89 ($4,222.37).

Day 4: Meet Cordyceps Sinesis, The Caterpillar Fungus

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Dad came back to the room at 9 a.m. He had an early lunch, then went to sleep.

Dad with Sky, a nurse from the ICU

Several doctors came to the room including Dr. Lizhi Niu, the President of Fuda Hospital, to talk to us and encourage us that Dad is in good hands.

L-R: Dr. Hu, Dr. Niu, Dr. Chen, Dr. Xing, and Dr. Long w/ Dad

L-R: Dr. Niu, Dr. Chen, Dr. Long, and Dr. Xing

Dr. Wang, the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, also visited us to explain how to prepare these fungi (yeah, I know, eewww, but it wasn’t that bad). They’re called Cordyceps sinesis or better known as the caterpillar fungus. It’s considered to be the best Chinese medicine there is.

Cordyceps sinesis

Well, it better be! A box costs ¥6,000 ($924.62)

Five pieces can be used twice in a day.

Anyway, my sister flew in from the Philippines to visit Dad… and I’m glad she’s here.

Our bill for today: ¥13,693.16 (US$ 2,101.76)
Total bill as of today: ¥26,221.84 (US$ 4,030.57)

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