New York, New York

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
I've come to realize that it's really a lot different when you go out of the country then come back in a few months or so than leaving for good. The feeling is so intense and I tend to go so emotional about it. It's like not seeing the person ever again. Well, I know there are many ways to get in touch now with your loved one overseas with all the high tech gadgets available within reach, but still it feels really odd.

When my sister left for Canada, I felt sad, but that was it. I knew she's coming back. So was my brother when he left for Singapore. I knew they were coming back so the emotions were not that intense. I even felt excited for them. But when my brother left for New York last December 11, I felt really really sad because I knew I wouldn't be seeing him for a long time. It was tear jerking. Maybe it's the thought of being away from someone for quite sometime not knowing when you'll see the person again exactly.

On the lighter side, we are all looking forward to go there to have one big family reunion. Now that is exciting!

The Flipside

Thursday, November 11, 2004
Today is one of those days that I should have just stayed home instead. I wasn't really feeling well, but went to work, as usual. Finished tons of reports, the printer broke down twice, my computer needs reformatting... and the list goes on. It's one of those days when I wish I can spend my day in a spa. Well, maybe this weekend... Argh! It's so frustrating!

I'm ok and I'll be fine... I'm ok and I'll be fine... I'm ok and I'll be fine... This has got to work!

Oh well, I got to go. My heavenly bed is waiting for me at home. I guess that'll do for now.

Weddings & Memories

Monday, November 8, 2004
Weddings... This sure is one of my favorite occasion. My friend is getting married a few months from now. My best friend would want to get married so much that she daydreams about it, well, I guess whenever she can. This thought brings back fun and exciting memories during which it was us who were preparing for our own wedding.

It wasn't easy at all. There were the excitements, frustrations and other mixed emotions. The preparation was so exhausting! Of course, I wouldn't be able to do that on my own. Thanks to my friends, Jen and Vangie, who helped us from the beginning until the end. Thanks to my husband too who was just as excited as I was. From the selection of music, invitation, motif , down to the nitty gritty of my wedding gown, hair and make up and the photos... it was so much fun! There was also the frustrating part but turned out to be one of the best choices we made. I really wanted the church to be San Agustin because I love the place so much, the month should be December specifically before Christmas and the time should be in the afternoon. And so we got the church, the date and time. Perfect! When it was time for us to choose the reception venue, I felt like the world crumbled when my first choice couldn't accommodate us anymore because it was already fully booked. This can't be happening! I cried and cried for days until my tears run dry. My husband tried so hard to convince me to look around Intramuros for another venue. After that short lived depression, finally, I conceded. We went around Intramuros and we got so curious about this place with a big wooden gate that was half opened. We peeked and saw this beautiful garden. The guard told us to come in and the staff excused themselves because they were just finishing the set up for the wedding that afternoon. My face lit up! As we went in, I felt the surge of excitement once again. I knew right there and then that Patio Victoria was God's perfect choice for our reception venue.

As I walked down the aisle, my tears fell. After all the trials my husband and I went through, after patiently waiting for God's time, we finally made it.

Looking back, my husband and I would laugh everytime we're reminded of our planning days. It was a roller coaster of emotions. We got to know more of each other during those times.

God is really faithful in fulfilling His promises. He can give you the reality of what seems to be impossible. I should know. It happened to us.

Another Try

Thursday, October 28, 2004
I tried so many times to make this right, but it's just now that I was able to do so. Well, I think I'm doing it correctly this time. I didn't realize that this couldn't possibly pass through our firewall. I forgot! Anyway, I'll try to do this more often. Could I, really? Oh well, we'll see. Till next time... tata!

My First Blog Entry

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
It's my first visit here. I think this will be so much fun.
I was just breezing through some of my itinerary for today and came across this site.
Well, let me just try this first and explore. Let's see what happens... c",)

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