Remembering Mom

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Last February 10, we went to visit Mom and Dad. It's Dad's birthday. And this year, he celebrated his birthday in Heaven with Mom.

When everything's settled, I will be posting old photos and beautiful memories to remember them by. I'm just very busy with the transition that's happening right now. In the mean time, let me share with you two of Mom's favorite songs by Patti Page.

We love you, Mom!

Till We Meet Again...

Saturday, February 15, 2014
I just started packing Mom's stuff and it brought back memories. Tomorrow is exactly two weeks since Mom's gone. It's impossible not to be emotional.

What comforts me is the fact that Mom gave her life to Jesus years back and was rededicated to Jesus a week before she joined our Lord in Heaven. My youngest brother who's in New York felt very strongly to share the gospel again to Mom via Skype. I know in my heart that she is now reunited with Dad and together, they share everlasting life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I miss Mom very much. When I was confined in the hospital last 2012 because of SLE, even though she, herself, was sick and had just came from her dialysis, she spent the night in the hospital to take care of me. She has been a very loving Mom to me and my siblings. She's not perfect, but she's the best Mom ever. 

Mom helping me choose stickers for the pens my sister is going to use for her daughter's birthday party two days before she breathe her last.

To all who prayed for Mom, thank you. 

Lord, thank you for the life of Mom. Thank you for welcoming her to your Kingdom. Thank you for granting her complete healing.

Mom, you fought a good fight. I know you are in a much better place now - free from sickness and pain. No more needles, Mom. I love you very much, Mom. We love you very much. We will treasure everything you and Dad taught us. You will never be forgotten... You will be forever loved. Till we meet again... In Heaven...


Monday, February 3, 2014

Last night, at around 9:35 Mom finally joined Dad in Heaven. I say this with a very heavy heart because I was not prepared for it. We all did not expect it to be this soon. Just yesterday, she was recovering from the angioplasty that she had last Saturday. The doctors told us that she had to undergo this procedure to clear three of her blocked blood vessels. She had undergone several of these procedures in the past. All of the stents that were put during those procedures were still ok. This one was needed to clear new blockages.

After the angioplasty, she was brought to the ICU because her blood pressure was too low and it was fluctuating, from a low of 80/40 to a high of just 120/45. The operation itself was successful because the blockages were opened up. However, the stress of the angioplasty and the subsequent dialysis that she had to go through must have been too much for her already weakened body. She had a cardiac arrest at around 9 PM. The doctors tried to revive her, but Mom's body gave up the fight at around 9:35. 

Mom's wake is at Room 303 at the Sanctuarium along Araneta Avenue. Cremation is scheduled on Friday at 7 AM.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all of you,who have said prayers for Mom's healing. Now, she is truly healed and free of all the illnesses that plagued her during the last few years. 

Mom, we will all miss you so much. What comforts us now is that aside from knowing that you are in God's Kingdom, we know that you and Dad are together once more. 

See you someday, Mom, Dad....

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