Dad Is Now With Our Heavenly Father

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Dad, we love you very much. We will miss you.
This morning at 12:37 my Dad passed away. He was 67 years old. To those of you who have been following my Dad's story through my blog, his sudden departure from this world may come as a shock because of the courageous way he has been fighting his cancer. We were caught off-guard as well. He was still fine when we brought him to the Philippine Heart Center last Friday. In fact, he was fine until yesterday. Then, in the evening, his vital signs began to drop...rapidly. The doctors decided to bring him into the intensive care unit, but he didn't make it. He had a cardiac arrest and died shortly after that. 

Right now, so many things are running through my head. Perhaps, when all the dust has settled, I will tell you more.

My Dad's wake is at the Camelia Chapel (Room 203) of the Sanctuarium, Quezon Avenue corner Araneta Avenue, Quezon City. It is right next to 711 and Jollibee. His body will be ready for viewing tomorrow, Monday 23rd of April. The cremation of his body will be on the 29th at 7AM, also at the Sanctuarium. The original schedule was on the 27th at 1PM, but the family decided to move it to a more auspicious date and time. 

My family and I thank all of you who have prayed for Dad all this time. Your prayers gave us strength to face those trying times. 

Thank you.

God's Suddenlies

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Have you ever experienced God's suddenlies?  When you feel like what you're praying for is taking so long to get answered or maybe in the natural you can see the words "it's too late" or "it's hopeless" written all over your situation...  Remember, God is still in the business of showing up SUDDENLY.  He is neither too early nor too late.  He is ALWAYS right on time.

God's suddenly happened to me last Friday.  

Nothing extra ordinary was happening that day, but when God showed up I was left in awe.  

It was our last day of submission of applications for a dollar placement product in Sun Life.  The three weeks had passed and I haven't even closed a single sale for this specific product. I wasn't even thinking I'd be able to close any sale that day. I didn't know that God had a different plan for me.  

The CEO of the company where my friend works, who I just met two hours before my deadline, trusted me with his investment of $200,000.  I didn't have a prior appointment with him.  He just happened to be there when I decided to drop by my friend's office to say hi.  

I believe God orchestrated everything that happened.  He already made a plan to show up that day and bring me my SUDDENLY.

If God can show up suddenly to solve my financial concerns, He can certainly show up suddenly to solve my other problems.  And if He can do it for me, He can certainly do it for you too!
"For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5
God is good!  God is awesome! God is faithful!  God listens, He answers and He restores!

Praise God!!!


Did you know that today, April 15, is the 100th year when RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage?

I googled Titanic while watching Titanic: A Century Later on the National Geographic Channel hoping to see at least one living survivor on record, but I read that Ms. Elizabeth Gladys "Millvina" Dean, the last survivor of the Titanic had died already last May 31, 2009.

The movie Titanic shown 15 years ago by James Cameron is definitely one of my favorites.  

File:Titanic poster.jpg

Nothing much going on here really.  I just thought I'd post something about Titanic today.


Monday, April 9, 2012

My view

Glorious Day

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thank you, Jesus, for everything you did.  
I love you!  
All glory and praises to You, my Lord.

Thankful Thursday

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lately, I have been experiencing sever attacks from the enemy.  He tried to steal my joy by injecting doubts in my head about what I'm believing for. Then he tried to put fear in my heart by attacking my health.  The doctor found a small lump on my chest when I had myself checked again after my annual physical exam last March 27. Then he tried to steal from me when my Paypal account was hacked the other day.

But God said,
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."  John 10:10
I thank the Lord for His protection upon my life, my heart, my mind, my body and everything that belongs to me.  My God is faithful to fulfill ALL His promises to me no matter what other people say or think. Praise God that the lump disappeared and my money with Paypal was returned.

Thank you, Lord, that you are mindful of me.  I love you and I give you all the praise and the honor.  

What are you thankful for this week?

For more Thankful Thursday, visit Iris over at Grace Alone.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7 Corners Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Thank you, Enoch, for the buffet dinner.  Nadine and I enjoyed it a lot.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012, 10:23 p.m.

One of the "hackers" using the name PATRICIA JENURIO sent me an email saying...
"Hi, what happened? Why did you file a dispute? We had a great transaction and now you file a claim? Haven't you received the items? I will ask Rommel about this cause he referred you to me."

I decided to check my Paypal account again before going to bed and what a nice surprise!  Paypal reversed everything except for one more pending worth $80.00.  I called Paypal again (for the 4th time) to ask how long it will take for the reversals to appear on my credit card.  The nice lady on the other end said around 30 days.  I'm fine with that.

Thank you, Paypal, for your immediate action.  

Praise God!!!  


I got a call on my mobile phone around 8:30 in the morning from somebody who sounded like a foreigner.  She had a heavy accent; I couldn't understand clearly what she was saying.  She said she's from Paypal.  I was very skeptic because I never got a call from Paypal since my account was created five years ago until today.  She asked me if I made a transaction to a certain KATHERINE MANAHAN.  She also asked me when my last transaction was.  Of course I couldn't remember!  Then she asked if I wanted to file a dispute on those transactions.  Now wait a minute! What dispute??? I thought this woman was crazy!  I hang up.

A few seconds later, my home phone rang.  It's her again.  Now, why would she know both my mobile and home number?  She might really be from Paypal.  She was going on and on with this dispute thing so I told her that I will have to go online first. I still wasn't sure if this call was legit or not. She asked me what my email address was. Seriously???  I said, "Why would I give you my email address?  Aren't you suppose to be asking me security questions instead?"   I didn't feel right about this.  I asked her to call me back in just a bit.  (Now, just when I needed internet badly, my stupid connection was acting up again!!!)

When I finally logged on to Paypal, I thought I was going to have a seizure! It was ZERO balance!!! OMG!!!  I reviewed all my transactions and to my horror, I got ripped off a total of $1,115.  My Paypal account was hacked!!! Most of the transactions were transferred from my credit card.  This is a nightmare!

The lady called again.  Now I know she's really from Paypal... Malaysia (That explained the heavy accent).  She was very patient and helped me file a dispute with 13 unauthorized transactions from March 24 to April 2.  I thanked her and apologized for doubting her.  Had she not called, I wouldn't have known of those fraudulent transactions.  Thank God she did!!!

Next, I had to call Citibank and report this too.  I had to go to the nearest Citibank and file a report. Thank God, I have a friend working in that branch.  She helped me with the procedure and she emailed their dispute department to make sure my report reached them ASAP.

I feel so bad because one dear friend was dragged into this mess.  I don't know if I should mention her name, but we all love her dearly.  The hacker made an unauthorized transfer from my credit card to her Paypal account.  I'm really sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused her.


I pray to God that this gets resolved immediately.  I also pray that those crooks get caught.

Got Milk?

Sunday, April 1, 2012
I finally got my first delivery of non-fat milk from Milk Man.  Woot!

2 liter jugs non-fat milk

These are pure cow's milk and are pasteurized and homogenized. There are no preservatives in it that's why it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 4 to 5 days. Refrigeration is very important. Products are submerged in ice while in transit.
Pasteurization is used to kill harmful microorganisms by heating the milk for a short time and then cooling it for storage and transportation. Pasteurized milk still is perishable, however, and must be stored cold by both suppliers and consumers. 
Homogenization is a treatment that prevents a cream layer from separating out of the milk.
They also have -
  • Whole milk (shelf life: 4-5 days) 
  • Juices - Orange, Pink Guava, Cranberry and Mango (shelf life: 14 days). 

    These come in 2 liter jugs.
  • Chocolate (shelf life: 4-5 days) 
  • Yogurt - Plain, Strawberry and Blueberry (shelf life: 7 days)  

    These come in 1 liter plastic bottles.

All products must be kept refrigerated.

For prices and orders, you may text or call Milk Man at 927 833 5000.  

If you are from Sta. Mesa Heights, Banawe, Retiro, SFDM, West Ave., Scout area, New Manila, E. Rodriguez, Rolling Hills, Horseshoe Village, Mariposa, San Juan, P.Guevarra, Little Baguio, Pasadena, Addition Hills, Greenhills North, East, West, Northeast, Annapolis, Wack Wack Village, Valle Verde 1-6, Eastwood, Corinthian Gardens, St. Ignatius Village, Alexandra, Arcadia, Green Meadows, Acropolis, Kapitolyo or Palladium, Milk Man delivers to your doorsteps.

A minimum order of 2 liter jugs of milk or any combination of milk, choco, yogurt or juice.  

Milk Man delivers twice a week - Wednesdays and Sundays.  
For Wednesday delivery, orders must be placed on or before 3 p.m. Monday. For Sunday delivery, orders must be placed on or before 3 p.m. Friday.

Anyway, I just had my first glass.  


Try it!  Call and order NOW!  =)

For Philippine residents only

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