My Side of the Fence

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Hi friends!

I miss all of you.  Really.  Whenever I'd sit down to try to write something, my mind goes blank.  This has been going on for months.  Lately, I became too busy with work. Now even when I wanted to write something, I just couldn't. 

So many things are happening on my side of the fence.  I went to visit a total of four wakes this October.  They were cancer patients like Dad, who we got to know during our trips to China.  My heart is heavy from losing some of our new friends.  My deepest condolences to the family of Tito Tony (Loren's dad), Lola Pilar, Auntie Susan and Joy Evangelista (Dr. Evangelista's daughter).  

Dad is undergoing radiation therapy right now.  So far, so good.  His latest CT scan was fairly good.  We are praying that radiation therapy would finally get rid of all of Dad's cancer cells.  I know how that sounds.  But I am believing God for a miracle.  

This season is full of challenges, but God's grace abounds.  I know that God is still in control. I thank God that He faithfully provides for me and my health is in tip top condition.   And like Job, I believe that in the end, I will get double for all my trouble.  So till then, I will patiently wait for my breakthrough to come.  

How about you?  How is everything over at your side of the fence?

TSMSS - Jesus, What A Beautiful Name

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is to honor our Lord not just for what He did or what He can do, but simply for who He is... He deserves our praise.


Jesus, what a beautiful name
Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb that was slain
Joy and peace, strength and hope
Grace that blows all fear away
Jesus, what a beautiful name (2x)

Jesus, what a beautiful name
Truth revealed, my future sealed, healed my pain
Love and freedom, life and warmth
Grace that blows all fear away
Jesus, what a beautiful name (2x)

Jesus, what a beautiful name
Rescued my soul, my stronghold, lifts me from shame
Forgiveness, security, power and love
Grace that blows all fear away
Jesus, what a beautiful name

For more great music, link up with Amy over at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

One Special Gift

Friday, October 14, 2011
Today is a very special day. It's my 38th birthday.

This day is very special for me because more than the greetings I got from friends and family, more than the material gifts I received... God gave me a special gift today.  It's my realization of who I am as ME.  It's like when you have this jewelry box all your life then you discovered it has a secret pocket inside, that's the kind of excitement I have right now.

My gigantic Oreo cake
Lunch with my Sun Life family at Epiphany, Global Cuisine Redefined

It's like you know something that others don't.  Can you picture what I'm saying?

I feel very empowered with this radical peace I have inside.  Peace that I know only God can give.  Peace that surpasses all understanding. It's the feeling of knowing what belongs to you and in spite of all the tricks the enemy darts at you, you know and you know and you know that there's nothing he and his pawns can do to impede its way from finding you.

Have you ever thought you lost something?  Maybe a piece of jewelry or a sale? But you know in your heart that if that belongs to you, it will find its way back to you?  Sweet!

That's how I feel.  It's very liberating.

Some of my presents... I heart!

Of course, I will be forever grateful for friends and family.  They are blessings from God.  I also thank the Lord because I have so much love in my heart and it's overflowing.  I have so much love to give.  Now that I finally found my true source of happiness, I know my well will never be emptied.

I'm so happy. Can you tell?  =)

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