Tuesday, July 24, 2007
That's my word from God. He wanted me to wait. The truth is I'm not good at waiting. If it was some sort of an exam in school, guess what my score will be. I'd probably be lucky to even get a point. That only shows how crappy I am in this area.

Recently, I attended our church's 3-day World Conference held here in Manila. My friends and I had a blast but deep in my heart I was longing to hear from God concerning my situation. I was praising God and at the same time asking Him to speak to me. And He did. He said WAIT.

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Know Who's On Your Side

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
I was upset with my husband for some stupid brainwork which stressed me out for the nth time. I lost sleep and couldn't concentrate at work. I was so upset that all I thought of doing was mope around. I felt hopeless and was at the verge of giving up. Then out of sheer desperation, I called the first person I could think of to spit out, to my heart's content, everything that's weighing me down. When our friend started reminding me of what Jec did in the past that proved how much he loved me, I thought I felt a slap on my face that brought me back to my senses. A sudden gush of guilt engulfed me.

Still, there are these annoying thoughts that bothers me - the what ifs. And you know what's sad? I often fall for this enemy's trap and I hate it! I just came back from an errand and I got a chance to talk to one of my officemates about life on our way back to the office. It dawned on me the most important lesson I've learned this week - know who's on your side. I began to remember how he was taunted by his colleagues and
when news came out that there would be a mass lay off in our company, his name was the most resounding one. But there he was, still doing his job, unaffected by his circumstances. He was unbelievably calm in the midst of the storm in his life. Why? Because he knew who's on his side. He knew that the owner of the company, himself, was the one backing him up.

Who's on our side? When everything around us go crazy, when life's complications pressure us down, when we don't understand what's going on, when fear and worry start to creep in... Who's on our side? The immovable One. The faithful One. Our Rock. He's on my side. He's the one backing me up. He's name is JESUS.

"The LORD said to me, 'You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.'" Jeremiah 1:12

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