Goodbyes Are Not Always Forever

Friday, July 29, 2005
I have never felt so empty as I've felt when my DH left for the States last Wednesday. I thought I could handle it well. Though I was already feeling sad while I was helping him pack, tears didn't fall until the last night we were together. I could hardly breathe from sobbing. The following night, as our friend and I went with him to the airport, I felt like I was floating on air. Everything around me seem to move in slow motion. I thought to myself that this could just be a dream, that this wasn't real. He checked in his luggages and went back out to be with us. We hang around a bit. Then it's time for him to go. We were both crying. We hugged each other so tight. We said goodbyes so many times but we couldn't let go of each other. Then he went in for boarding. There I stood looking at him, he waved at me for the last time and then he's gone.

Memories of us together flashed back. The simple joy we've shared, the trials we've surpassed... He used to tell me how much he loves me, that nothing comes close to how much he feels for me, that he adores me and cares for me more than he cares for anyone else. And I assured him that I feel the same way too.

Now, we're miles apart.

I remember how God told me that he's the one I'm going to marry. I couldn't believe it at first. But God confirmed it to me several times. When we were already planning our wedding, God spoke to me again about it. I knew deep in my heart that Jec is God's perfect choice for me.

Babe, I want you to always remember that I love you very much. God gave us each other as lifetime partners. Nothing, not even distance and no one could ever separate us. I pray to God that He will always keep you safe and healthy. I'm looking forward to being with you again soon. God bless you...

Let Go And Let God

Thursday, July 21, 2005
"Therefore humble yourselves...casting the whole of your care on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully." 1 Peter 5:6,7

How often do we fall into the trap of fear and worry? I could have been an amenable victim until now and I could have long suffered a breakdown if not because of God's promises. I used to be a control freak. I panic when things don't go my way. I worry a lot! My friends used to say that sometimes I come in too strong. Maybe because I know I'm in control. A lot of times I distress myself worrying about things to come. In the midst of all these, God taught me to trust in Him and to cast all my cares on Him. It wasn't at all an easy move to make but it was definitely worth trying. When we put our trust in Him, we have to learn to let go and let God. He promised to take care of us. And "He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

Worrying will not achieve anything. But giving it all to God will. There are just some things that we cannot get our hands on and we must simply let God do the work for us. For a control freak like I used to, trust is nonexistent. Stress was my twin.

God gave us the way, it's up to us which road to take. Choose the easier path. Let go and let God.

Love Is...

Friday, July 15, 2005
I'm so glad it's Friday! That means I can stay up late tonight and wake up really late tomorrow. Ha!

Jec and I had a haircut yesterday. I also had my eyebrows done. And a foot massage too. On our way home, Jec asked what if he had his head shaved? I thought he was just joking. He was serious! Hmm... I'm not so sure. I told him to give it a shot. It's going to grow back anyway.

At home, I'm not just Jec's wife but also his skin care therapist and his nutritionist all in one. He used to only have a soap and shampoo for bathing. Now, he also uses other skin care products I'm using. Talk about being vain. Haha! I also constantly remind him not to eat OILY food and to take his vitamins daily. Gosh! He eats a lot and hates to exercise. One thing I love about him, though, is that he supports my being "kikay". c",)

Jec knows how much I love veggies and sea food, which he ultimately dislikes, but he still cooks them for me. Our friends are witnesses on how much Jec pampers me. I'm really going to miss him soooo very much!

Random Thoughts

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
I got a mail again from Tulsa Oklahoma. ORM sent me an Overcoming Fear With Faith booklet. It speaks about using our little faith that's innate within us and to stand on God's promises. Nice booklet. Very reassuring.


Does the Philippines still has a chance to rise above all the problems we're facing today?

I strongly believe so if and ONLY if we will have a strong sense of discipline in ourselves. I remember Korina Sanchez said on one of her interviews that there's this widow who has nothing but was able to fend for her 8 children, who are all professionals now. If a widow was able to do the "impossible", why can't other Juan dela Cruzes do the same? This widow, obviously, did everything she can to lay food on their table and to get her children to school every single day without having to depend on the "president" for their everyday needs. Secret? Determination.

No matter who we elect as president, if we won't do our part in this society, there's little or nothing the president can do to lift this country from poverty. The change has to start from us.

Why do officials of this country run for a slot in the government? Is it really because they want to serve the people or they simply want to serve themselves???


How come there are people who talk a lot, think of others as second rate and would secretly wish the people around them to be as miserable as they are?

Ever heard of ENVY?


Monday, July 11, 2005
Friends will always see you through...
Believe in the things you want to do...
Feel happy when your dreams come true...
That's just the way friends are.

Friends will always be right there...
With wisdom, faith and strength to share...
With love that shows how much they care...
That's just the way friends are.


Thursday, July 7, 2005
I was invited to a meeting yesterday to discuss about the new product lines of Johnson & Johnson that will be launched very soon. I think they're getting some ideas on how the ads and/or the T.V. commercial's concept will be. I also got to attend a meeting like this way back 2003. That time it was about Cadbury chocolates. Remember the Mini-me commercial? That's the one! It was a discussion about how we think people will accept the new products of Cadbury, what we think about the taste, the packaging and so on, before officially launching the products.

I've enjoyed all discussions, most especially the one with J&J. I met three wonderful people - Mayette, AJ and Luth. On the side, we discussed about skin pampering. Oh, I love it! As it turned out, Luth is a skin expert and conducts seminars. We got lots of tips about skin and stuff for FREE! She really got my full attention because aside from her amusing stories, I'm all ears when it comes to vanity. **wink**

Overall, we all had a productive day yesterday plus we got gift certificates from Rustan's. Not bad.

Spam Mails

Monday, July 4, 2005
This is absurd! I got 30,000 emails and still counting, most of which are spam mails! This is unbelievable!!! I started downloading my mails this morning and until now, I haven't even deleted half of it. This is such a waste of time. Argh!!! My email browser has timed out because it can't handle the number anymore. I have no other choice but to download it all through webmail which I'm doing now and is taking decades to delete! Rats!!!


Sunday, July 3, 2005
Jec brought down our extra mattress last night and placed it in our living room. We spent the night there. It's like we're camping out... for a change! We also brought down some DVD tapes that we haven't watched yet and got some mango cream pie for dessert. Yummy! It was really fun! It feels more like we're living in a condo because everything we need was just within reach. It also feels like we're teenagers who were having a sleep over.

The only downside was, we didn't have an airconditioning unit in our living room... **sigh**

Au Revoir

Friday, July 1, 2005
While a lot of people are into the national news, about the wire tapping, some are even talking about the possibility of a snap election; I chose to elude myself from all these chaos. I have my own, personal issues to deal with. I say personal because this doesn't, in any way, perturb others but myself. Two weeks. I really hope it can still be stretched longer than two weeks.

It's about letting go.

It's about embracing a new life, a new hope.

It's about change.

Babe, you will be missed... immensely.

Au revoir.

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