Love Moves In Mysterious Ways

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I like Julia Fordham's version. It's one of my favorites. This was played on our wedding video and it's just so enchanting.

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Who'd have thought this is how the pieces fit
You and I shouldn't even try making sense of it
I forgot how we ever came this far
I believe we had reasons but I don't know what they are
Don't blame it on my heart, oh

(*) Love moves in mysterious ways
It's always so surprising
When love appears over the horizon
I'll love you for the rest of my days
But still it's a mystery
How you ever came to me
Which only proves
Love moves in mysterious ways

Heaven knows love is just a chance we take
We make plans but then love demands a leap of faith
So hold me close and never never let me go
'Cause even though we think we know which way the river flows
That's not the way love goes, no
(Repeat *)
Like the ticking of a clock two hearts beat as one
But I'll never understand the way it's done, oh
(Repeat *)

Love moves... in mysterious ways....

C'est La Vie

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
One of the hardest thing we go through in life is being away from our loved one. For some, it's parting ways permanently, as in death. For some others, it's a personal choice they make. Still for some, it's a sacrifice that has to be made for a greater good. I have gone through the first two which made me who I am today as a person.

In as much as we want to be shielded from all these harrowing experiences, its existence is inevitable. One can choose their attitude on how they're going to face their circumstance that would determine the kind of person they will become. One can either be bitter or better.


It's something we come face to face with every single day. But how is it really like to be away from someone you have depended on so much and who have cared for you for years? It's still unimaginable, but is bound to happen. I still have yet to face the appalling truth that a sacrifice like this has to take it's course for the advancement of our lives.


A bittersweet experience. It's having to give so much of yourself for the good of someone or something of extreme importance to you. As they say, "no pain, no gain."

C'est la vie!

Mission Accomplished

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I was trying to change my blog's background music since yesterday, but it wouldn't work! It would accept no other but a midi file. I tried everything but I failed... That was yesterday! Of course, I didn't stop until I got it right. Finally!!! I was able to make it work! I converted my Mp3 to a ".wma" file. That wasn't too hard to do, but it took me a day to figure that out and make it right.

I had a headache, really, but nevertheless, it's mission accomplished! c",)

Wait... Trust... Believe

Monday, June 20, 2005
God said that He has a plan and a purpose for each of us and a specific way and perfect time to bring it to pass. I believe this. But the hardest part of it all is to WAIT. I know for a fact that what God has promised, He will surely bring it to pass. What seems to be impossible to men is possible with God. I just read this morning during my short devotion that
"...much of our frustration and misery comes from either not believing that
fact, or believing it but being determined to do things our own way and in our
own time, determined to exalt our own will and timing above God's."
"...we are constantly trying to figure out something we do not understand or
trying to make something happen now that is not happening yet. It seems as if we
are always trying, but believers are supposed to believe!"
So true! But how come a lot of us Christians struggle in this? I have realized that it's one thing to BELIEVE and it's another thing to ACT on what you believe in.

"Many times we do not understand what God is doing. But that is what trust is all about. Let God be God in your life. Give Him the reins. He knows what He is doing."

I tell myself that over and over again until it sinks in. Of course, I also pray about it too. We need God's grace to go through all that we're going through now. Hard? Yes. Doable? Absolutely! God knows exactly our situation. I'm sure He's already cooking up something for us. As what Joyce Meyer said,
"Trust yourself and everything to God Who judges fairly and deals righteously. Deposit yourself in His hands and watch what He can do! "

Dear Babe

Sunday, June 19, 2005
I'm glad there's you to smile at me
And brighten up my day,
To share my thoughts and understand
The things I do and say.

I'm glad there's you to laugh with me
At ordinary things,
To show me what is special,
In everything life brings.

I'm glad there's you to be with,
And I think it's time you knew,
Just how happy you have made me,
And how glad I am there's you!


From your loving wife & our two angels

The Cake Got Burned

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
I had a rough day yesterday. I can't say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed because my mood was just fine. I got a call from my mom and as usual, it's a mile long complain about the same old thing. It just hit me when she told me something that wasn't really pleasing to my ears. I called up my sister and she confirmed it. My face turned red and maybe if you look closer, you could see smoke coming out of my ears. I was mad. Really mad! I did what I did and the cake got burned.

To cut the long confusing story short, the day didn't end up on a positive note.

Some people can talk the talk but can't do the walk. When I talk the talk and do the walk, people can't handle it.

Thank you, Lindsay

Saturday, June 11, 2005
I was really tired last night when I got home. Then I got a package from the mail. It was a book from Lindsay Roberts.

A few months back, she wrote me a letter in response to mine and she promised to send me one of her books. I was ecstatic while reading the letter because it was actually a letter she personally wrote for me. Then two months after that, I got the book - 36 Hours with our Angel. c",)

I'm so inspired. I felt like she really does care. I can relate to the tragedy she went through because I went through my own not so long ago. She actually gave me a confirmation from God, helped strengthen our hope and the joy of knowing that someone out there really cares.

One can see how God moves in my life. One can see the blessings He gave me. One can see how patient God is with me all these years. Right now, I'm just waiting for God to fill up the times so I can complete my testimony and inspire others through it. Surely, if God is able to turn things around for others, he can definitely do the same for us.

Thank you, Lindsay. May God bless you more and your ministry too.


Friday, June 10, 2005
I just want to take a long hot bath and then sleep. I feel so exhausted. I'm so drained.

Confession 101

Thursday, June 9, 2005
I woke up feeling kind of tired because of last night but that's ok. It's work as usual today. I'm not really in a jolly mood to start with. Times like this, I snap easily. True enough, I did so on one insensitive, self-centered, pathetic HE moron. I could really be b**chy if I'm pushed to my limits. Oh yes! I could be a great pain in the a**. I don't stop until I get what I want especially if it's rightfully mine! I'm not the type who would turn down a fight either but I'm not going to start one definitely.

Sometimes, it's hard to do the right thing and when you're already against the wall, it's so damn hard not to fight back. I guess I just wasn't born a martyr. I was taught to fight for my rights and to fight a good fight. Oh, my close friends, my family and especially my dear hubby knows so well what I'm capable of doing. They wouldn't want to cross my path when I'm fumed.

But, of course, after all these and after taking a very deep breath, through the years and because of my church orientation, I've learned to calm down and take control of my violent nature. There are just some times when I miss. **wink**

There. I feel better now... I think.

Staying Fit

Wednesday, June 8, 2005
It's so frustrating when your clothes don't fit you anymore and you don't want to buy new ones because you strongly believe you'll fit back in them. It seems like they all shrunk!

Let's see, a few months ago, they all fit perfectly. I even have some tank tops that I haven't worn yet. I thought it would be wonderful if I wear them during the summer. Because of some stroke of nature, I got a LITTLE heavy. Summer came and I was left with baggy clothes I never thought I'd wear ever! I tried really hard to lose weight. And I did. 8 lbs. in three weeks! Though I still think I have to lose some more, my husband said that I look good just the way I am now. Hmm... well, a little more toning won't hurt.

My brother told me, before he left for Singapore, to join him in his boxing class. What?!? No, thank you! I'd rather do pilates. I got quite interested in belly dancing too because of my cuz, but she said she just got bored and stopped. I thought of going to the gym, but alone? I guess it's really pilates for me. Why not? It's quite effective.

Later tonight, I'll have dinner with my friends at the Fort. Here we go again. I want to stay slim, but I love to eat! **sigh**

One Busy Day

Friday, June 3, 2005
Today is one of the busiest day ever in the office. Did reports and an idiot proof manual for one of our services. The stupid printer ink got all used up so I had to reprint everything all over again, ate up all my time. What a bummer.

Dear Darlyn made her Earth Angel a scrap book. Updated her blog, inspired by yours truly. Now, I'm doing mine too.

To all my on-line friends, here's wishing that Aunt Flo will buzz off!!!

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