Afternoon Chill

Sunday, September 7, 2014
I spent my entire afternoon yesterday just chilling with very good friends. We had fun talking, eating healthy, laughing and most specially praying and being grateful.

L-R: Bing, Amelyn, Zenda,Nen and me!

Michael Young, the German-Filipino Saxophonist, was also with us. Too bad he didn't have his sax with him to play for us. He promised to do so next time though.

With Michael and Brian

He did give us his signed CD. Thanks, Michael!

It was a pretty relaxing day yesterday. Hope to do this more often. See you guys again soon!


Bluebirdy said...

Hi Pia!
You have a great life. You are a great example.
Love you!
Sheila W

MrsMartinez | said...

Hi Pia!

Just read about your mom ; ( My condolences.


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